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Super Junior - Mr. Simple Illuminati

I hate to post about this one, cause I'm the biggest fan of Super Junior, yes I'm a ELF (Ever Lasting Friend) btw i like kyuhyun so much hoho LOL
I waiting so long for Super Junior comeback on August 2011
but ... but ... why there is a lot of illuminati on this video ? WHY ? WHY ?
yes i know they just illuminati puppet for their entertaiment

Note : I dont hate Super Junior but i hate the people who's make them become illuminati puppet

We discuss the teaser 1, teaser 2 and their music video

check this one , ELF !

the background is full of satanic
look correctly on this picture
there is a light on the top, it's symbol of God of Sun (Ra)
and see they cheografi
still dont realize ? lets see this

heechul is the center
dancing "all seeing one eye"
satanic dance again with cross (X) symbol

lets see some weird symbol in teaser 2
one eye symbol
the picture is really absurd but if we see it correctly
it's belong to "one eye" symbolism
it's you (ELF), you are the biggest fans and accept them (SJ illuminati puppet) althrough you know it's not right but you cant do anything !

Lets see member puppet illuminati

his hand is symbol of  devil horns
his eyes are different colour with each other

Blow your mind ?? yes the symbol of blow your mind (or blow your head LOL)

showing "one eye" and make "L" with his hand
"L" means Lucifer (other name of satan)

showing "one eye" and look his rings, it's black pyramid ring

showing "one eye" and look his rings, it's skull ring
look his t-shirt , it belong to white pyramid
if we open his coat the pyramid will seeing clearly

showing "one eye" and look his rings. it's weird anf belong to satanic
"one eye" again with gold pyramid

showing "one eye" and look his ring. black and white ring
5 : satanic number also knows and his favorite
he did peace sign
see his clothes there is wings (left and right) and star of david (left) with beautiful smile

showing "one eye" and look his ring.It's skull ring

showing his blue pyramid ring

showing "one eye" and look his bracelet full of silver pyramid

thanks for reading !
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